Victoria Donahue reviewed my show at Rodger LaPelle Galleries.

Such verve and assurance are reflected in the paintings of Alex Cohen at La Pelle Galleries that it’s hard to believe he is a young artist just out of art school already making a one-man appearance.

And besides, he also won the top painting prize (for an airplane subject linked with Bucks County) in the State Museum’s annual “Art of the State” competition in the summer in Harrisburg.

While it’s difficult to pin down Cohen’s basic style, it’s people-friendly. He portrays episodes from his life, from imagination, from things he has read, warfare, popular culture including a rodeo, and all kinds of crowd gatherings, indoors and out.

Oils by this resident of Newtown, Bucks County, display a precocious technique, and a lack of precedent for his wide choice of subject and setting. They can be profound and elusive at the same time. So far, the only sure thing is Cohen’s devotion to painting.